March 11, 2014 @ 2:26 PM

Hello Again Everyone,

I am back with a new idea I think you might enjoy!  I was inspired to add pictures to the walls in my daughter's room after repainting the chest of drawers for my daughter.  Let's face it, picture frames mostly come in black, white, and wood finishes, so lets create some beauty and add color to our picture frames for a unique and fun new look. 

First thing first, we need to get some picture frames.  I chose to go to the local Goodwill store and search for frames there.  I found two 5 x 7" frames that matched and were made of wood (perfect for a repainting project).  The reason why I chose wood over other materials such as plastic or metal is because wood is a bit more forgiving when it comes to a beautiful finish product. Plastic and metal frames, when repainted, have a tendency to show brush strokes. 

Now we need to prepare the frames for paint! First, we remove the backing and the glass and set it aside in a safe place.  Next, I used a light grit sandpaper (preferably 150 grit or higher 180, 220, etc).  The higher grit sandpaper will allow us to scuff the surface of the frames without "carving" into them.

 After we sand the frames it's important to wipe them down.  I used an all purpose house "rag" first and then I wiped the frames to a contaminant free smooth finish with a "tack cloth".  Tack clothes are a great tool for ensuring that all the contaminants (dust particles) are off the frames before we prime them.


Time to prime our frames!  I used an odorless oil-based primer because it will block any natural or added stains in the wood from "bleeding through" our paint and it doesn't smell as bad.  You may also use a good water-based primer if you would like as long as the stain in the wood frame isn't too dark because latex based primers tend to allow "bleed through" from the stain. If you have any specific questions about priming please comment or email me and I will help you get through the priming stage.


Once the primer is dry we need to go through the same preparation process as before.  I am sanding the primer down smooth and then I will wipe the frame clean and contaminant free with the rag and tack cloth I used before.


Now that our frames are primed and prepped, we are ready to paint!  For this project I used the same oil paint for my frames that I used for my daughter's chest of drawers. I like the idea of adding a compliment to the chest of drawers I completed earlier.  When you paint the frames you don't have to use oil paint, in fact, I recommend using latex paint because it's easier to clean up after you finish.  I would suggest using old paint you have on hand or you can get very small "sample" quantities from the local paint or home improvement store for a low price that will work great!  Start by painting the back side of the frame first, then flip the frame over carefully to paint the front side. 

Flipping the frame over is a bit difficult when you have wet paint on your frame.  If you are using an oil based paint you could choose to wait 24 hours.  If you are using a latex based paint you could choose to wait an hour so the frame is dry to the touch and then flip the frame. 

Now both frames are painted a first coat so they need to dry.  Oil based paints take 24 hours to dry and latex based paints can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.

Once our first coat of paint is dry we need to repeat the process all over again.  Lightly sand the painted surface with the same sand paper you've been using and wipe the frame clean with a rag and a tack cloth. Get the frame completely prepped and free of all contaminants before you start your final coat of paint.

Lastly, paint the final coat on the frame and allow the paint to dry!

Now its time to add photos and reassemble the frames. 

I take a lot of photos and upload them to my computer so whenever I want something printed I have an easy method for doing so.  I go to Fred Meyer's Photo Center website and upload my photos there.  It usually only takes a few hours and they have them printed for me and ready to go in the size I want and at a really good price.


Finally, we have our desired photos in a beautifully painted frame that is the right color for us!

Enjoy! Please leave me feedback or ask questions.  I would love to hear from my readers!

~Eugene Darco DIY

List of items needed: Picture Frames, Paint, Primer, Brush, House Rag, Tack Cloth, Sand Paper (150 grit), paint stir sticks 

Eugene Darco