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March 31, 2015 @ 8:27 PM

Hello again!

It's been 4 months, but I am finally back with a DIY project that isn't as much fun as it is Important!!!

I am gonna ask you to do 2 things, thats it! So read along.


Here's the thing, not many people are going to enjoy this DIY, but I personally guarantee you will be happy you did this one.  This day and age everything revolves around your "Credit Score."  Older folks will remember that a "man's word", was what is and was, important when it came to transactions involving borrowing money.  Now, there is a "Score" that tags alongside of you everywhere you go, your "Credit Score."

So here is the first thing I want you to do.  I want you to go ............

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November 15, 2014 @ 4:02 PM

Hello Readers!

Today is my Mother's Birthday! My mom is now a very beautiful and vibrant 57 years young.  I decided to search through Pinterest to find an idea for a great birthday present that my mom would truly appreciate, let's hope I did well.

Let me first tell you a small bit about my mom.  Peggy Darco is simply an amazing person.  She is undoubtedly selfless in all her daily duties.  She watches her grandchildren on a daily basis and provides them with home cooked meals, craft activities, and unconditional love.  Surely our children (my brother and sisters) will have some work to do when our kids grow up and realize not everyone is like grandma!  She hasn't always ............

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October 8, 2014 @ 9:19 PM

Hey everyone, I am back with a short story about my latest DIY adventure.  No, this blog post is not paint related, however, it is about getting up, getting out, and participating in an activity for personal growth. Without futher adieu, I bring you Capture Moon.

This image is not the beginning of the story, rather sometime in the middle between the lows and the highs.  The beginning of the story starts out much better.  I woke up easily at 2:00 A.M. to my alarm clock (Bone Thugs and Harmony's "First of the Month....nostalgia), I hop out of bed with a glass half full, light feet, and enthused. I grab my bike and head out!

I make it to 7-11 and grab a Snickers candy bar and a "Brazillian Bold" .........

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July 27, 2014 @ 10:26 PM

Hello Everyone!

We are in full swing during our summer painting season so "creative" projects have taken a backseat to "necessary" projects.  The project I have for you today is a rebuild of a gate that was atleast 30 years old.  I know that because my parents bought the home in 1984 and the gate was there at that time.  The gate has received "maintenance" over the years, but never been completely rebuilt until now.  So without further ado, lets rebuild a gate!

Here's what we started with!  A flimsy gate that had failing paint and was literally falling apart because my dog likes to jump on it to see the people walking by.

So I took measurements of the dimensions .........

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June 16, 2014 @ 5:25 PM

Hello Everyone!

This is the time of year where work is top priority, its all about getting jobs done and keeping the customer happy.  Today is kind of a strange day because its the middle of June on a weekday and I am at home sitting in front of a computer and television rather than on a job site. Why? The thunder and lightning going on in the background here in Portland, Oregon.  It's not all bad, as I blog, team U.S.A. is leading the match versus Ghana in the World Cup 1-0.  In the mean time I will give you an idea on making memories last.  Go U.S.A.!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Portland Trail Blazer playoff game this year, okay okay, THE Portland Trail Blazer playoff game. .........

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May 17, 2014 @ 9:41 AM

Hello Everyone!

Lately, I have been very busy with our commercial and residential paint projects at Gene Darco Painting. I did, however, find some time to do a quick 1 day project for my mother for Mother's Day.  It all started with a picnic table that my grannfather Eugene Darco built for our family.  The picnic table has been stained and then painted over the years to help it keep a nice appearence.  However, over the many years in the direct rain and sunlight the table has taken quite a "beating".  For Mother's Day I thought to myself, "what better present to give my Mom than to fix the table she has had for so many years?" I managed to snap a couple photos of the project along .........

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March 29, 2014 @ 4:42 PM

Hello again everyone!

I was inspired the other day sitting in my living room.  I was on the couch and I looked up at my 20 something year old ceiling fan and thought to myself, "How can I liven this thing up?"  Well, I have come up with a solution! I have got a how-to for you to try and together we are going to paint some ceiling fan blades and liven this ceiling fan up a bit.  So, let's go!



First things first we are going to have to make sure the power is off.  My fan is powered by a wall switch and a pull chain at the fan.  With the wall switch in the on position I grasp and pull the chain and pull until the fan is turned off.  Ceiling fans usually have 4 settings; low/.........

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March 11, 2014 @ 3:26 PM

Hello Again Everyone,

I am back with a new idea I think you might enjoy!  I was inspired to add pictures to the walls in my daughter's room after repainting the chest of drawers for my daughter.  Let's face it, picture frames mostly come in black, white, and wood finishes, so lets create some beauty and add color to our picture frames for a unique and fun new look. 

First thing first, we need to get some picture frames.  I chose to go to the local Goodwill store and search for frames there.  I found two 5 x 7" frames that matched and were made of wood (perfect for a repainting project).  The reason why I chose wood over other materials such as plastic or metal is because wood.........

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January 26, 2014 @ 9:46 AM

Hello Again!

Today I have decided to share with you a Do-It-Yourself method for removing pen and pencil marking from your trim, as well as the the proper way to touchup your walls.  In the image below we have a few different "drawings" made by my two young children. They used ink pen and pencil to craft their masterpieces on the trim.  I made a first attempt to clean with warm water, when I realized it wasn't coming off I decided to blog about it. 

First off, why would someone want to remove or cover these markings on their trim or walls?  Well, you could be a renter looking to get a deposit back, a home-owner prepping the house before it sells, or someone trying to get ready for a .........

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December 18, 2013 @ 12:45 PM

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share with you a recent project of mine, repainting a chest of drawers.  This dresser has sentimental value because it was made by my grandfather for my dad.  It has been used by each of my 5 siblings at one time or another and finally made its way into my daughters room.  Now, it is time to give this chest of drawers a make-over.

1. Start with a sketch and color scheme:

I came up with three options. I sketched the dresser, photo copied it twice, and painted the copies with the paint I was going to use (you can also use colored pencils if you don't have the paint yet).  Which one will you choose?  Ask for advice from your friends and family if .........

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