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March 29, 2014 @ 4:42 PM

Hello again everyone!

I was inspired the other day sitting in my living room.  I was on the couch and I looked up at my 20 something year old ceiling fan and thought to myself, "How can I liven this thing up?"  Well, I have come up with a solution! I have got a how-to for you to try and together we are going to paint some ceiling fan blades and liven this ceiling fan up a bit.  So, let's go!



First things first we are going to have to make sure the power is off.  My fan is powered by a wall switch and a pull chain at the fan.  With the wall switch in the on position I grasp and pull the chain and pull until the fan is turned off.  Ceiling fans usually have 4 settings; low/.........

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March 11, 2014 @ 3:26 PM

Hello Again Everyone,

I am back with a new idea I think you might enjoy!  I was inspired to add pictures to the walls in my daughter's room after repainting the chest of drawers for my daughter.  Let's face it, picture frames mostly come in black, white, and wood finishes, so lets create some beauty and add color to our picture frames for a unique and fun new look. 

First thing first, we need to get some picture frames.  I chose to go to the local Goodwill store and search for frames there.  I found two 5 x 7" frames that matched and were made of wood (perfect for a repainting project).  The reason why I chose wood over other materials such as plastic or metal is because wood.........

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