June 16, 2014 @ 5:25 PM

Hello Everyone!

This is the time of year where work is top priority, its all about getting jobs done and keeping the customer happy.  Today is kind of a strange day because its the middle of June on a weekday and I am at home sitting in front of a computer and television rather than on a job site. Why? The thunder and lightning going on in the background here in Portland, Oregon.  It's not all bad, as I blog, team U.S.A. is leading the match versus Ghana in the World Cup 1-0.  In the mean time I will give you an idea on making memories last.  Go U.S.A.!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Portland Trail Blazer playoff game this year, okay okay, THE Portland Trail Blazer playoff game.  My friend James called me up and offered a ticket to Game 6 at the Moda Center (formerly Rose Garden).  Who would have known one of the most memorable Blazer moments ever would take place that night?  So as many fans did I went and bought the paper the next morning!

After over a month of having it sit in the car I finally made the time this weekend to head to Fed Ex Kinkos to make the memory last.

My son Ethan and I chose the relevant pages out of the paper to take into the store for lamination!

Laminating can be a do-it-yourself project at Fed Ex Kinkos because they have a small laminator available, however the size pages we wanted done was a "drop it off and pick up later" job.  The total cost for both pages laminated was $15 and they did an amazing job!


Now I am in the brainstorming stage.  What should I do with these fantastic reads/treasures?

Eugene Darco


Oh and the U.S.A. defeated Ghana 2-1 on a header with 7 minutes left.....What a game!