March 31, 2015 @ 8:27 PM

Hello again!

It's been 4 months, but I am finally back with a DIY project that isn't as much fun as it is Important!!!

I am gonna ask you to do 2 things, thats it! So read along.


Here's the thing, not many people are going to enjoy this DIY, but I personally guarantee you will be happy you did this one.  This day and age everything revolves around your "Credit Score."  Older folks will remember that a "man's word", was what is and was, important when it came to transactions involving borrowing money.  Now, there is a "Score" that tags alongside of you everywhere you go, your "Credit Score."

So here is the first thing I want you to do.  I want you to go to here and start by getting your only true free Credit Report! The website is and by law the Government allows you to get one free "Credit Report" every year. Remember, "Credit Reports" are different than "Credit Scores".


Once you enter your information at, you will be linked to the 3 (and only 3) Credit Bureaus that have information about you and your creditworthiness.  Those 3 credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  Make sure to print each one of your credit reports from each one of the credit bureaus.  **Important** Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will ask you if you would like to pay for your "Credit Scores".  Do Not pay for your "Credit Scores" at this time.  Just get your "Credit Report."  Though the reports may look similar, you should have 3 different reports to look over and check for accuracy.

Now that you have reports in hand you can check them for accuracy.  Make sure that the credit bureaus have your correct name, address, and credit information.  Grab a yellow hi-lighter and look for anything that is incorrect and hi-light it.  When I checked my credit reports I had about 4 total mistakes that needed to be corrected, including one credit card in my name that never existed to me!!!

The credit bureaus make it pretty easy to submit requests to correct information.  You can submit requests to have your information corrected both online and by phone.   You may see old debt that you forgot about or old accounts that you havent used in a while.  What I will tell you about all of your old accounts is don't call and have any of them closed, even if you aren't actively using them! It may seem strange, but more credit accounts actually HELP your credit, as long as you don't owe large amounts of money on them!


Go to your application store and search for "Credit Karma".  This app is really fantastic and its FREE! Download the app and fill in the required information for a look at your FREE "Credit Score".  This will allow you to know how credit lenders see you as a person to loan money to.  The higher the score, the better chance you; get that apartment, get that large loan for a newer car, get that good rate for a home mortgage!  What I will say about Credit Karma is that there is a lot of advertising in that app and not all of the suggestions made for you will benefit you 100%, but overall it is a good app.


If you follow these 2 Steps it will take you anywhere from 1-3 hours.  Think about it, you can know exactly where you stand Right Now, Tonight! And you can take charge of your future!

Why I am writing a blog about this? Because most of the people who will read this I know personally or are in my local community.  I want to help these people take charge of there lives and prosper.  I care a lot less about Big Banks! I care a ton about all the people I can directly affect with this advise!


So do it! Take Charge Today! Ask me a question, I'd love to help.  There are many other steps you can take to learn about, understand, and build your credit.  This is the Start!Leave Comments too!

Eugene Darco